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Tenerife is the biggest of the seven canary isles, which are situated between the three continents Africa, America and Europe.

On Tenerife a mild climate is dominating all over the year and very pleasant temperatures are inviting for a holiday on the Canary isle during summer and winter.

Concerning climate and weather the Northeast trade wind is the one who is influencing most part of it. The trade wind is a kind of tropic fall wind. On Tenerife the winds are causing that the air is getting saturated of water steam coming from the surface of the sea and later the winds bring the humidity up in direction to the Teide massif. This phenomenon is producing dense clouds in a altitude of between 1000 and 1500 meters. This clouds are visible in the North of Tenerife, above the Orotava valley, where they are affectionately called “la panza del burro“− “the donkeys belly“ by the locals.

Panza del Burro On one side clouds might disturb the leisure time plans of the ones who are enthusiastic about the sun, but on the other side the clouds are essential for the fauna and flora of the isle. The clouds rise highly up to the region of the Teide National Park and provide water for the plants. The pine trees and laurel trees filter the water from the clouds and return it to the ground. That’s how the water maintenance of the isle is assured.

Who wants to escape from the clouds can visit the beaches in the South of the isle, where the weather is adequate for taking a bath nearly all over the year. On Tenerife there are more than 20 microclimates, which are very interesting to observe, for example when it’s raining somewhere and 15 kilometers distant the sun is shining.

It’s not for nothing that Tenerife is called the isle of eternal spring, because the temperatures are mild and spring like all over the year. Over all winter is a very famous holiday period, because you can escape from the frosty temperatures and enjoy spring on the isle of Tenerife.

In July, August and September are the highest temperatures. In this period you can enjoy the beaches and have a bath all over the isle. The Atlantic Ocean in the summertime is not as rough as in winter and you can risk a bath. The average temperatures are between 25 und 26 °C and the water temperatures are between 21 und 23 °C. In the summer period the temperature can reach even 35 or 36 °C. The best time for beach and bathing holiday and watersports on Tenerife is in during the summer. In summer you can enjoy between 9 and 11 hours of sun.

The coldest season on Tenerife is in January and February. At this time average temperatures of 21 °C and water temperatures between 18 and 19 °C are dominating. Between October and March the weather is ideal for hiking, because the temperatures are not too high and even with physical effort you don’t have to be afraid to have a heat stroke. In autumn and winter, when in England its frosty, on Tenerife you still can enjoy between 5 and 7 hours of sun a day.

The conclusion is, that on Tenerife you can enjoy pleasant temperatures all over the year. The climate on the Canary isles offers ideal conditions to practice different kinds of sports such as hiking, climbing, biking and other kinds of watersports. It is mentionable that autumn and winter are more adequate for sports like biking and hiking while the summer is better for practicing different kinds of watersports. This is a fact not only because of the water and air average temperatures but as well because because the Atlantic Ocean can be very rough and wild in autumn and winter and high waves and undercurrents are a danger for bathers.

Another fascination of the isle of Tenerife are the countless flowers and plants, which are varying with their bloom so you can find nice combinations of colors of flowers all over the year.

The mild climate on Tenerife beside this has got another positive quality for health and patients with rheum and arthritis report about recovery.

Tenerife, the isle of eternal spring is an attractive holiday destination for any season of the year.