Knowing the real character of the isle of Tenerife


                                    Tenerife, holiday on rural house

is mostly known because of the mild and pleasant climate all over the year and because it is a very famous holiday destination for tourists of all ages. The island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is like a magnet to many thousands of visitors of different ages and with different holiday plans and interests.

At the beginning there was a real tourism boom in the North of Tenerife in the 70´s, but later the big number of visitors and the tourist business was transferred to the South of the island because of better geographic and meteorological conditions. For some time there were high-rise buildings growing out
of the earth so fast, that the changing from the quiet island and the fishing villages on the coast into tourism stronghold could nearly not be perceived.

Rural house in the south of Tenerife

With the time there came a more quiet period and people started thinking again a little bit more and were looking again for roots, calm and recreation in harmony with nature. Nowadays most of the tourists don´t want to spend their holidays in a monster complex of a hotel, without noticing anything happening, neither culture and beauty outside the walls of the hotel.
Definitely: No!
Actually many visitors are looking for sustainable tourism in balance with the surroundings and far from mass processing and ruthless holiday madness.

Tenerife thankfully realised this change and offers many possibilities for a holiday in contact with nature, in the middle of a natural surrounding on the island. Country cottages and so called fincas, situated in an authentic and natural landscape, offering a holiday accommodation without destroying the natural landscape.

Many private people, farmers and owners of agricultural establishments on the isle have been transforming small country cottages into holiday accommodation and apartments in typical Canarian style to offer an original accommodation for smart tourists. The cottages are available all over the island and the choice is very big. You can find Fincas in Icod de Los Vinos and surroundings, Garachico, San Juan de la Rambla, Candelaria, Costa Adeje, Playa San Juan, Alcalà and many other beautiful, typical Canarian villages.

Holiday Rustic cottage TenerifeThe magic of the tiny, cozy and rustic holiday cottages is attracting many tourists and most of them become repeaters. The advantage of the holiday cottages is that you can discover the real character of Tenerife and you get to know its culture and the traditions of the habitants.

You can spend a typical Canarian holiday and live nearly like a real Canarian family in the past or nowadays. The cottages are mostly restored and equipped with love, combining rustic style with modern elements in a very interesting way.
If I think about such a cozy Finca in the countryside, I see a tiny house, eventually decorated with black lava rock on the façade. The Fincas often dispose of a private terrace, from which in some cases you can enjoy a marvelous view over the Atlantic Ocean or up to the majestic volcano mount Teide. Small rooms, maybe an open chimney, furniture of wood, stone and other natural materials and in some cases even a small patio.
Spend a holiday in a Finca will reminds you a little bit of a museum, because those comfortable holiday accommodation reflects culture and Canarian style in a very direct way.

Terrace in Garachico, TenerifeIn the evening, when you sit on your terrace or your balcony on the Finca or holiday apartment and watch the sun going down, enjoying a good glass of wine, you don´t want to leave anymore. It seems that time is standing still for a moment and you can feel so close to the sun and feel real sympathy for this wonderful place on earth called Tenerife.

The cottages and apartments mostly are fully equipped and you can take care of yourself, but not necessarily. You can cook for yourself or enjoy the typical Canarian specialities in some Restaurants or taverns. To eat and drink on Tenerife is quite cheap in comparison to other European countries, except you choose a restaurant directly on the promenade of a typical touristic village, where the prices are a lot more expensive than in the backcountry or in some restaurants more outside of the centre.

The Fincas are a good starting point for different excursions, walks, hiking tours and discovery tours. Some Fincas are situated near to famous hiking areas such as Anaga or Teno. As well you can find Fincas situated near beaches and the sea, so the offer is so big that you have the agony of choice. The Fincas can vary from the price, from cheap up to normal and expensive price class. The price normally is depending on the position, equipment and services being offered to the guests.

Nice rural house TenerifeWho is spending his holiday in such a Finca often can get in contact with the owners or the habitants, which is normally not happening if you stay in a hotel. The Canarian people are very hospitable and open minded to other cultures and they welcome the guests with pleasure. You receive a lot of respect and many doors will be opened to you, if you show the same respect and manner. You should not be arrogant and prejudiced when you visit the island, neither you shall behave as the king of wherever you come from, but you shall behave in a natural and open minded way and so you will be treated the same way you want to.

So who want´s to spend a holiday and discover the real character of the isle of Tenerife is in very good hands in one of the nice Fincas.