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  • I would like to rent an apartment in Tenerife but I don't know in which part of the island. Can you recommend any areas in particular?
The best place to stay depends on the type of holiday you are looking for and what time of year you wish to come. If you are coming in winter time, we would recommend the south-west of the island where the sun shines for 95% of the year and you can swim in the sea all year round. If you are young and looking for parties, nightclubs, parks and entertainment aimed specifically at tourists, you would probably prefer to stay somewhere like Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos. Besides the excellent nightlife and beaches there is plenty for families to enjoy and the beaches are also accessible to those with physical disabilities. If this type of holiday is not for you and you would prefer to avoid the typical sun, sea and sand destination, there are many other places to stay on the island. For example, a popular destination for couples and people seeking more of the real culture of Tenerife is the north of the island. If this is more your scene or if you are a fan of hiking we recommend Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava and Icod de los Vinos where we have some lovely rural houses available. You just need to be aware that the temperature is less settled in the north and you are likely to experience more clouds and rainfall, particularly in the Winter months.

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  • Why should I choose a rural house?

One way of getting a taste of Tenerife culture is to stay in a traditional house. Please read here for more details: HOLIDAY ON A FINCA

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  • How can I get to Tenerife?

In order to get to Tenerife, you have two main options: by air or by sea.

Tenerife has two airports

- REINA SOFIA, South Airport
- LOS RODEOS, North Airport

More than 60 airline companies fly to these two airports, providing connections with most major cities in mainland Europe, between the other Canary Islands and with some non-European destinations. Low-cost and major airline companies offer their services to all types of visitors, providing them with the opportunity to explore Tenerife regardless of budget. Sometimes indirect flights are cheaper and if you have the "residencia" Canarian, you can also enjoy the 50% discount for flights to / from Spain. As a general rule, if you are coming from mainland Spain or another of the Canary Islands you will fly to Los Rodeos, while international flights tend to land in the South.

The main port is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Getting to Tenerife by ship is definitely not the cheapest option but it can be useful to those who don't like flying ;want to bring animals without them being subjected to the shock of the flight; want to bring a road vehicle to the island; wish to carry considerable quantity of baggage, or even just enjoy travelling by sea. From the port of Cadiz, on the border with Portugal, the company Acciona Trasmediterránea sails to the Canaries twice a week. One of these trips is to Tenerife whilst the other is to Gran Canaria. The journey lasts for 47 hours or more. It is also possible leave from Huelva with the company Naviera Armas, making 1 trip weekly. Approximate time: 37 hours  crossing (or more).

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  • I would like to rent an apartment, but I am not sure how long I want to stay for. Can I still book somewhere?

Unfortunately we need to know the length of the stay in order to confirm both availability and price. Many apartments may already have days or weeks booked months in advance, so it may be that, while a place is available for the first week or so of your stay, we could not guarantee that it will still be available if you decide you want to stay for longer. Therefore to avoid the risk of having nowhere to stay we would recommend that you have definite dates before you book.

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  • I am coming to Tenerife in two days time. Is it still possible to book a place?

If the holiday let is available you can book at short notice, however we would always recommend that you contact us a couple of weeks in advance, especially if you have specific needs as we need to get in touch with the owner to accomodate you.

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  • Is it possible to swim in the sea during the winter months?

People swim in the sea in the south of the island virtually all year round but you need to be mindful that the sea will be cooler in winter. The weather and the seas in the north are less predictable. People do swim there on calm winter days but quite often the sea is too rough or the weather too inclement to go swimming. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to swim on the nearest beach to you and would always advise that you take note of the weather forecast and the flag system. If the sea looks inviting but the red flag is raised you should never risk entering the sea.

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  • How can I get from the airport to my accommodation?
There are two airports in Tenerife:


If you are renting a car at the airport you will go straight onto the motorway from the airport. You have a choice of two directions: one takes you to the southern resorts (Adeje Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Los Gigantes) whilst the other takes you north to Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz.
The Adeje Coast is only 10-15 minute drive, and you will know you are there when you see the hills that are densely populated by hotels.
Santa Cruz is 62Km from the airport and takes around 40 minutes to reach.
Puerto de la Cruz is 92km from the airport and takes about an hour to drive to.
Icod de Los Vinos is between 70 and 100 km depending on whether you take the motorway route via Santa Cruz or the scenic route via Guia de Isora. Either way, you should reach your destination within around 95 minutes.

By Bus or Taxi

The bus in Tenerife is called GUAGUA and the main company is Titsa. You can buy a ticket on the bus but if you buy the BONOVIA pass at the airport you can enjoy a discount on your fare and use it on other bus journeys during your stay.

If you are travelling to Los Cristianos or Playas Las Americas (Costa Adeje)
The bus stop is right outside the airport and you can catch either of these bus numbers: 110-111-340-450
A taxi normally costs around 15-20 euros and is therefore a cheap option if there are a few of you travelling together.

If you are travelling to Puerto de la Cruz (North)
A taxi will cost at least 80 euros so we would recommend you take the bus.
The only direct bus to Puerto de la Cruz is the number 343. There are other buses from the airport but you will have to change buses in Santa Cruz. These buses are very frequent:
South Airport - Santa Cruz: line 110-111
Santa Cruz-Puerto de la Cruz: Line 101-102-103. The 102 is faster because makes fewer stops.


Los Rodeos is in San Cristobal de la Laguna and is the smaller of the two airports on the island. It is easily accessible by bus, taxi and car.
You might be surprised that you alight the plane to be greeted by a blanket of fog and cold air. Please do not worry as this is normal La Laguna weather caused by a microclimate and is not an indication of the weather on the rest of the island. There can be a difference of 10 degrees between the weather at the airport and at the capital of Santa Cruz just a few kilometres up the road.
The Bus stop is in front of the airport exit. If you plan to travel by bus again during your stay you should consider buying a BONO-VIA pass to save money.
If you have a Rent a Car take the motorway. To reach the Adeje Coast you will need at least 50 minutes, while Puerto de la Cruz is just 20 minutes from the airport. 

If you are travelling to Los Cristianos - Playas Las Americas (Costa Adeje)
Take the direct Bus, number 343 otherwise take the 101-103 to Santa Cruz and then the 110-111 to Los Cristianos
A Taxi will cost around 80-90 EUR or more.

If you are travelling to Puerto de la Cruz
Take Bus number 101-102-103.
A Taxi will cost you around 40-50 euro or more.

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  • Does the island have a good public transport system?

La GUAGUA: The island has a good network of Guagua (Buses). They are highly efficient and you can reach almost every corner of the island.The island has a fairly elaborate road network and there are lots of winding narrow roads through small villages in the mountains. This means that travelling by bus, although enjoyable, can be time consuming due to all the stops in remote towns and villages. If you plan to explore the island you would probably be better to hire a car. There are lots of places from where you can do this, from the cheap firms dotted around every tourist resort to the international franchises in airports and main towns. If you would still prefer to use public transport the bus schedules can be found on the TITSA website

: the colorful tram (Tranvía) was opened a few years ago (in 2007) to connect the capital Santa Cruz to the university city of La Laguna. This is a useful form of transport for commuters and tourists wishing to avoid rush hour traffic.

Important: If you are planning on using public transport we recommend that you also purchase the BONOVIA, a travel card that entitles you to discounts of up to 50%. It costs 15 € or 25 €. It is valid for use on all bus services (urbaninterurban) apart from Teide lines. You can also use it on the tram and there are no restrictions on who can use it. or use on all bus services (urbaninterurban), except Teide lines.  Can be used by several users. 

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  • Do I need a car to visit the island?

Theoretically you can take the guagua to every corner of the island, so a car is not strictly necessary.
If you plan to explore the island, we advise that you rent one so that you are not tied to bus timetables and taking hours to reach your destination. Hire prices are low, with three days costing around 60 Euros, and a week costing under 100 euro. Petrol is also cheap. Furthermore several of our best holiday lets are situated in remote areas that are a good walk from the nearest bus stop. As our site is dedicated to those who want to spend an alternative holiday, discovering the culture and flavours of Tenerife and exploring the island, we would recommend that you do rent a car to enjoy the full potential that the island has to offer. Follow this link to compare prices: Rent a car Tenerife

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  • Are there any places that you think I absolutely must visit during my stay in Tenerife?

In our opinion, the “MUST SEE” on Tenerife is the Teide National Park. In addition, there are many beautiful places to visit and activities to do but it really does depend on the type of holiday you are looking for. In the South we have Los Gigantes, El Medano, Playa San Juan, Vilaflor and the lunar landscape. In the North are Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Garachico, Punta Teno, Masca and the canyon, Punta del Hidalgo, the Anaga Mountains and, if you like hiking, there are lots of places that you can explore. Additionally there are several theme parks that are aimed at families with children, information about which you can find in all the main tourist towns on the island.

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  • Are there connections between the islands?

Yes the islands are well connected, and you can travel between them by air or by sea

By Air: 
There are two Canarian Airline Companies: Binter Canarias and Canary Fly. 
Most flights are from the north Airport and there are plenty each day.
By Sea: 
Tenerife has two ports:
the main port is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the second one is in Los Cristianos from which Ferries depart for the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma.
The ferry companies that connect the islands are Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen.

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  • Can I go to the peak of the volcano Teide? If so, how?

Yes, weather permitting, it is possible to walk to the peak of Teide. You need a official permit, which you must apply for before your journey, then you can either walk from the road (about 4 hours) or take the cable car and walk the final part of the journey, which takes around 30 minutes.
Here are more details: Volcan Teide

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  • Does TenerifeLoca offer long term rental apartments?

We do offer some long term rentals but our main business is with short term rentals. If you do wish to stay for longer on the island we would recommend that you come to the island and find somewhere upon your arrival as you are likely to get better value and will be able to view apartments during your stay.

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  • How does payment work?

After the owner confirms the availability and the total price for the stay, he (or the manager of Tenerifeloca) will also confirm the required deposit to reserve the apartment. 
We will collect the deposit via Bank or Paypal (credit cards are accepted). This deposit is normally non refundable unless the owner states otherwise. The balance is paid directly to the owner, normally in cash, but depends of the owner rules.

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  • Can you guarantee that I will not encounter any problems on my arrival?

We personally visit and vet almost all properties and owners. We can confirm that our clients have never encountered any big problems and that, if there were any problems, we would do our best to come to a solution. In the event that you are unhappy with an owner’s behaviour we would investigate and try to come to an agreement. Our policy is that the customer comes first and we would refund your deposit in the event of any issues that we feel deem this necessary and remove that owner from the webpage immediately.

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  • Will my mobile phone work in Tenerife?

Yes, if you have activated roaming on your mobile it will rok in Tenerife, however it is likely to be very expensive. We would suggest buying a spanish Sim Card that you can top up as you need it.
There are many mobile networks to choose from on the island: 

- Vodafone
- Movistar
- Hits (good national and international rates)
- Lenovo (excellent international rates)
- Simyo (has good rates but you can bargain only online)
- ... 

All systems have also Internet prepaid starting from 3 EUR.

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