You can contact any Owner directly, ask all the questions you wish and agree on a reservation.
In case you need help Lucia, the Tenerife Local Expert, will be happy to assist you for free. Once you have chosen the best Tenerife accommodation for you, you'll be asked to pay a 10/50% deposit (cancellation policies vary) to us. We will keep this money until your arrival, for your safety.
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These are the payments methods we offer:



Bank Payment

The bank payment is the the cheapest way to pay for Europeans.  We prefer if you use this method.
BUT  please use IBAN, otherwise the payment can take many days and can be very expensive, in case you want to use this payment, inform the Owner first.
Use this method only if you are sure the money will arrive before your check-in time.
Generally it takes 4 working days for payment with IBAN and up to 21 days for payment without IBAN.

Go here to pay:

Lucia Pedroni
IBAN: ES61 3058 1303 0227 2001 0915 


If you are not European, you don't have online banking or you arrive in less as 3 days, please use PayPal.
Paypal charges 3,4% that will be added to your ammount.
It is fast and easy, you don't need a PayPal account and you can use your Credit/Debit card.


We also accept Bitcoins!
Please contact us back in the reservation message system to arrange the transfer.


Pay directly 
Bitcoin Address: 1CrMcvpSXdi8o9rTksHjWG9dvxwtBsvGUT 

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